Art of Problem Solving Intermed Algebra Textbook and Solutions $74 : A comprehensive textbook covering Algebra 2 and topics in Precalculus. This book is the follow-up to the acclaimed Introduction to Algebra textbook. Topics covered in this book include a review of basic algebra topics, complex numbers, quadratics and conic sections, polynomials, multivariable expressions, sequences and series, identities, inequalities, exponents and logarithms, piecewise-defined functions, functional equations, and much more. As with all of the books in Art of Problem Solving's Introduction and Intermediate series, the text is structured to inspire the reader to explore and develop new ideas. Each section starts with problems, so the student has a chance to solve them without help before proceeding. The text then includes solutions to these problems, through which new techniques are taught. Important facts and powerful problem solving approaches are highlighted throughout the text. In addition to the instructional material, the book contains over 1600 problems. The solutions manual contains full solutions to all of the problems, not just answers. Text ISBN: 978-1-934124-04-8 Solutions ISBN: 978-1-934124-05-5

Art of Problem Solving Intermed Algebra Textbook

Art of Problem Solving Intermed Algebra Solutions